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When the tooth has been lost, dental implants can provide a new, artificial tooth as a replacement. Dental implants consist of two basic parts, the implant, and the crown.

First, the implant is connected to the jawbone through the lower gum or the bone above the upper gum line. The implant is essentially a screw that has an abutment attached for the placement of the crown.

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Once the gum has healed and the implant is stable, the crown is then attached to the abutment which is then secured into place. The crown itself is not only the same color as the rest of the teeth, but also the shape will be made in a similar style so that the new artificial tooth does not stand out.

Dental implants can be used for single tooth loss up to replacing several teeth. While the implantation procedure takes several weeks from the initial surgery to the final setting of the tooth, the result is having a permanent tooth in the place of the missing one.

You should talk to your dentist at the Chicago Restorative Dentistry and the Portage Park Dentist about root canals, dental crowns and dental implants as part of preserving the overall health of your teeth and gums. Each of these procedures will reduce the pain felt by the damaged tooth and restore your smile.

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We provide dental implant services in the Chicago area and we are located in the Portage Park community area and 6 corners neighborhood. We are located in the 60641 area code and provide top dental implant services to all Chicago residents.


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