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Everyone knows that you must goto the dentist, but most people for some reason fear going to the dentist. 

Well thats only because they are not going to the worlds most friendly and gentle dentist, Larry A. Fisher!  We are here to answer any dental questions you might have. 

** This video to the right lists 5 REASONS to NOT Avoid Going to the Dentist —-> 

If you have any other questions, try using our new Dental Assistant, DENTALBOT 🤖Ask any question of our chatbot, and it will have the answer! We also have some blog posts below with some of the more common dental FAQs. 

Chat with the Six Corners Dental Assistant – DentalBot —> 

 Have any dental questions? Larry A. Fisher has many answers and his new assistant Dentalbot knows all of them! So if you have a question about any of our services, please ask away! –> 🤖


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